District Soil Conservation Officer, Chaibasa is the administrative head of the district office. The contact telephone number of the office is -06582-257634

   Soil Conservation Department is engaged in implementation of projects for Conservation of soil and water the two valuable natural resources. Land & Water resources must be managed scientifically for utilization of land on a sustained basis for productive purpose. The Soil Conservation Department is responsible for implementation of various schemes on Soil & water Conservation related issues with objective for generating income to rural people by protection and development of agricultural land.

The objectives of the Soil Conservation Department are::

  1. To conserve the land in the district from soil erosion especially on Agriculture fields liable to soil erosion or already effected by it. Degraded grazing grounds and other grasslands damaged by soil erosion due to over to over-grazing or denudation of vegetation. Hill slopes subjected to jhumming or other forms of destructive type of land use practices. Catchments of rivers and tributaries. Catchments of reservoirs and river valley projects.

  2. To involve trainees in the integrated watershed project planning for sustainability of resources and society.

  3. To transfer the technology through training, demonstration and publications to state extension and development agencies.

Integrated watershed management programme::


Objective of the programme are ::

  1. An integrated wastelands development to enhance the productivity
  2. Aims at rural employment besides enhancing the contents of people's participation in the wastelands development programmes at all stages

Major activities of the Watershed project:

  1. Soil & moisture conservation measures like terracing, bunding, trenching, vegetative barriers etc.
  2. Rain water harvesting activities like farm ponds, percolation tanks, check dams etc.
  3. Planting & sowing of multi-purpose trees, shrubs, grasses, legumes and pasture land development
  4. Encouraging natural regeneration
  5. Promotion of agro-forestry and horticulture
  6. Measures needed to disseminate technology
  7. Training, extension and creation of a greater degree of awareness among the participants
  8. Encouraging peoples' participation
  9. Livelihood activities for asset less people
  10. Production system and micro-enterprise
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