The National Highways are the responsibility of the Ministry of Surface Transport, Govt. of India. These are maintained by funding from GoI by the Road Construction Department as its "Agency". The State Highways , Major District Roads and other roads known as "PWD Roads" are the property of Road Construction Department, GoJ . These roads are maintained and developed by Road Construction Department, GoJ primarily through funding from State Budget. The other sources of funding are central assistance or other schemes like state's share in Central Road Fund etc.
     As per the direction and allotment received from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, new Delhi construction/ repair of roads, bridges and culverts are executed by this division. The office headed by Executive Engineer and responsible to promote smooth connectivity to improve infrastructure and business.

Programmes under National Highway Division >>

  • N.H. 75 (e) which starts from Tupudana (km. 15.75) and ends at Jainthgarh (Km. 202) Is under N.H. Division chaibasa.

  • As per direction and allotment received from Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, New Delhi constriction/repair of road, bridges and culverts are executed by this division.


      There are three Sub-Divisions under the NH Division. Each Sub-Division has two sections.

  1. National Highway Sub-division,chaibasa
    • Chaibasa Section
    • Hatgamharia Section
  1. National Highway Sub-division, Chakradharpur
    • Chakradharpur Section-I
    • Chakradharpur Section-II
  1. National Highway Sub-division, Khunti
    • Khunti Section-I
    • Khunti Section-II


Work of widening and strengthening in Km. 177 (Hatgamharia) to Km. 202 (Jainthgarh) was completed within schedule of completion.

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