District Employment Office functions under the Labour, Employment & Training Department of Government of Jharkhand. It is located in the newly constructed building opposite to TATA College, Chaibasa. Registration of candidates are being done from 10:00 AM to 01:30 PM in every working days. Registration and Renewal of Registration is not done on the last working day of the month.

District Employment Officer Cum Public Information Officer
District Employment Exchange, Chaibasa

Staffing position of the office >>

1 District Employment Officer 01 01 00 Through JPSC
2 Junior Statistical Assistant 01 00 01  
3 Clerks 02 01 01
4 Peon 02 01 01
5 Night Guard 01 00 01

  • To register the job seekers at the respective Employment Exchanges with a view to provide them job assistance.

  • To submit the particulars of candidates for Employment against vacancies notified by different employers both in public as well as private sectors.

  • To forward the applications submitted by the candidates to respective employers against advertised vacancies

  • Registration and guidance for employment of the unemployed illiterates / Literates to Graduates/ Diploma and equivalent qualified and candidates with technical qualifications like ITI etc. is being done by this office.

  • To provide job assistance to all the job seekers and educated unemployed persons.

  • To enforce the provisions of Employment Exchanges ( Compulsory Notification of Vacancies ) Act , 1959 and the Rules framed there under .
  • To provide information relating to higher, technical & professional courses to all job seekers to improve their employability and enrichment of their skill through the vocational Guidance Programmes.

  • To Implement Employment Market Information programme in the district.

  • To maintain running record of job seekers according to National Classification of occupation (N.C.O ) Code.

  • To collect quarterly ER- I Returns relating to manpower employed in Govt., Quasi Govt., Local Bodies and Private Sector establishments. .

  • To collect biennial E.R.-II Returns ( Designation wise, Qualification based) from Public Sector & Private Sector establishments every alternate years .

  • To process and analyze Employment Returns ER-I & ER-II to prepare man-power planning for the whole district in the light of availability of Human resources and their demand in the job market.

  • To inspect the records of employment of Act establishment in the jurisdiction of the employment exchange.

Important Information >>
  • Service of Registration/Renewal to applicants is given free of cost.

  • For Registration applicant has to come personally along with all necessary documents for verification. Photo copies of required documents are taken.

  • Postal Registration/Renewal facility is provided to the applicants who are residing at remote places and for candidates who can not come to this office.

  • Registration is valid for three years only and it is necessary to renew the registration in every three years.

  • The registration is canceled if not renewed within 2 months of grace period after completion of three years.

  • Renewal can be done by appearing at the office personally of through any other person by sending the registration card or by post.

  • This office do not create vacancies. As per the age, qualification etc a seniority list is being created and sent against the received vacancies.

  • After sending the name three times, the name of the candidate has been kept in dormant stage for one year.

  • Facility for self employment is there and who wishes to registered under self employment should register herself/ himself under this category.

  • Applicants under self employment are sent to District Industry Centre for further processing.

  • Information are being given under Right to Information Act 2005.

  • With reference to the Employment Exchange (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act 1959 all offices (Govt./ Pvt./ PSUs) under the jurisdiction of this office will intimate the vacancies to the Employment Exchange Office in the prescribed formats ER-I, ER-II.

  • Rest of the works are being done as per the guidelines received from time to time from the Government of Jharkhand.


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