:: office of animal husbandry, west singhbhum ::

Office of Dist. Animal Husbandry officer, west singhbhum, Chaibasa is running by Dist. Animal Husbandry Officer.

There is a post of accountant, Typist-cum-Clark, statistical scorer, computer, driver and a peon cum night watchman is sanctioned.There is also a sanctioned post of TVO (Traveling Vetnary Officer) and one driver and a peon along with.

As well as a sanctioned post of assistant wool development officer and one additional development attendant along with. It has also a sectioned post of assistant poultry development officer.

There are two sub divisional animal husbandry officers under the district animal husbandry officer >>

Sub Divisional Animal Husbandry officer, chaibasa

Sanctioned post of one assistant, one peon, night watchman

first graded animal husbandry Dispensaries under the blocks given below :-
  1. Chaibasa- Singhpokhariya
  2. Khuntpani Block-khuntpani,Barkela,Sharda
  3. Jhinkpani Block- Jhinkpani,Asura, Hatgamharia
  4. Tonto Block-Tonto
  5. Tantnagar Block- Tantnagar, Kathbhari
  6. Manjhari Block-Manjhari
  7. Kumardungi Block-Kumardungi
  8. Majhgaon Block-Majhgaon
  9. Jagannathpur Block-Jagannathpur,jainthgarh,daungaposi
  10. Noamundi Block–Noamundi, Gua, Barajamda, Kiriburu

Sanctioned post for one Accountant, one Typist, one peon, one night watchman and a sweeper.

first graded animal husbandry Dispensaries under the blocks given below :-
  1. Chakradharpur Block- Chakradharpur,toklo,chainpur
  2. Sonua Block- Sonua, chota nagra
  3. Goilkera Block- Goilkera,kuira
  4. Manoharpur Block- Manoharpur, Chiriya
  5. Bandgaon Block- Bandgaon, karaikela

All first graded animal husbandry dispensaries has also sanctioned post of one traveling vetenary officer, one peon, and a night watchman.

  • One artificial insemination center is situated at hatgamharia in which one Livestock Overseer, one Livestock assistant and one bull attender post are sanctioned.
  • one post of block Animal husbandry officer and one post of livestock assistant are sanctioned for the each office in the blocks under the district.
  • District has total 36 sanctioned posts of Technical Assistant.
  • two ideal village block office is established in the district. One ideal village block office is situated at Chaibasa and another at Chakradharpur. One ideal village officer, ten Livestock assistant, one Milk recorder(dairy record keeper), one LAB assistant, 4 bull attendant, one peon, and one night watchman sanctioned for each office.
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